Updated June 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best Rimowa luggage

Are you a traveler who places high value on luggage of excellent quality and durability? Do you pride yourself on your fashionable taste in travel gear? Rimowa luggage is an excellent choice if you’re looking to invest in new suitcases of this ilk.

Renowned for their signature style and elegant aesthetics, Rimowa makes top-tier travel pieces. If you love the fun and exhilaration of travel and don’t want the exhaustion and stress of dealing with subpar luggage, the offerings from Rimowa are top contenders.

Rimowa has a vast variety of suitcases to choose from. To find the best Rimowa suitcases for each individual, it can be helpful to examine the brand’s offerings for size, style, and organizational features.

choosing a luggage
When choosing a luggage color, note that brighter tones — blues, reds, and whites — are the easiest to notice. If you opt for a darker tone, consider adding a distinctive luggage tag so you don’t confuse your bag with someone else’s.

Is buying Rimowa luggage worth the cost?

Rimowa is owned by the distinguished LVMH, the parent company of Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton. One of the leaders in luxury hard-shell suitcases, Rimowa luggage is certainly priced as such.

While you could get other hard-shell luggage pieces for less money, you may be sacrificing the style and longevity you’d get from a piece of Rimowa luggage. Rimowa luggage is made from sturdy, durable materials, and the brand has become known for its “iconic design and pursuit of excellence.”

If you’re more interested in a humble, budget-friendly hard-sided suitcase, you might want to look elsewhere. But if your priorities for luggage include style, durability, and prestige, Rimowa is a winning competitor.

Types of Rimowa luggage

Rimowa’s largest selection is their hard-shell luggage line, but you can also find Rimowa briefcases, backpacks, flap backpacks, weekenders, and totes.

Rimowa also makes an impressive variety of smaller hand-carry models, including crossbody bags, phone bags, hand clutches, and mini-pouches. These are sized as accessories and can fit a few smaller items, such as phones, cash, and passports or ID cards.


Rimowa luggage pieces may be classified as Cabin, Check-In, or Trunk sizes, with more specific sizing choices in sub-categories. Rimowa’s smallest bag size is the Compact, standing 16 inches tall. The largest bag is the Trunk, which stands 31.5 inches tall.

FAA regulations dictate that carry-on bags for domestic travel must measure no more than 22 x 14 x 9 inches. For international travel, the maximum carry-on height varies from 21 to 22 inches, depending on the airline.

How size correlates with need

Many seasoned travelers have more than one piece of luggage, each suited to various travel situations. For shorter trips, like long weekends, a carry-on bag or large backpack will usually suffice.

For longer trips, travelers tend to fare well with bags that stand 24 to 28 inches. These are sized to accommodate clothes for various occasions and enough outfits to last roughly two to four weeks.

Rimowa luggage materials

Rimowa luggage is crafted with thoughtful, high-quality materials designed to withstand rigorous travel. Their most resilient pieces are made of high-end anodized aluminum. Due to their durability, these are also some of the most expensive Rimowa pieces.

Rimowa also produces hard-shell pieces made of durable and lightweight polycarbonate. The handles, locks, and interiors of these pieces are made from materials such as polyester, leather, and hard plastic.

Smaller Rimowa pieces, like backpacks and briefcases, are made with canvas or full-grain leather and feature textile interior linings.

The majority of Rimowa luggage is handmade in Germany, with close to 200 components carefully pieced together to attain a masterful final product.


Key features of Rimowa luggage


A brightly colored suitcase is easy to spot in the sea of luggage on a baggage claim carousel. The most common luggage color is black; it’s popular with travelers because it doesn’t reveal dirt like lighter colors do.

Rimowa luggage comes in a range of colors, including black. The company also makes luggage that is white, slate, red, blue, and green. They also make aluminum pieces with a shiny titanium finish and Rimowa’s signature groove pattern.


Nearly all of Rimowa’s luggage pieces feature four effortless steering wheels, designed to make maneuvering the luggage smooth and easy. The wheels are made of hard plastic with cushioned axles and ball-bearing mountings. They’re designed to roll flat on all four wheels or to tilt and swivel on two wheels.

Telescoping handle

Rimowa luggage boasts an ergonomic telescoping handle that makes it easy to pull or push the luggage. The handle adjusts to three height choices. It also provides an excellent resting place for a smaller bag, like a backpack or tote.

Depending on the model, the telescoping handle may have a T-bar grip or a classic two-bar design with a bridging handle.

Organizational components

The interior portion of a Rimowa suitcase may have mesh or flex dividers to assist with organization. Mesh dividers are usually found in smaller Rimowa pieces; flex dividers are usually found on larger models. The flex dividers are height adjustable to suit individual packing needs. They boast zippers and straps to organize and store small garments and miscellaneous items.


A piece of Rimowa luggage has one or two TSA-approved locks along the side. These locks can be safely opened by TSA agents for inspection without damaging the suitcase. They are safe, secure, and easy to set with your own personal combination key.

Travel accessories

Rimowa makes helpful accessories, such as tri-fold garment bags, passport covers, and packing cubes. They also make suitcase covers, luggage belts, and luggage charms. The majority of Rimowa luggage pieces come with removable leather luggage tags as well. If you have a laptop, you may wish to look into Rimowa’s laptop pouches, which fit laptop computers up to 16 inches.

The name “Rimowa” comes from an abbreviation of the founder’s son’s name, Richard Morszeck, who created the first Rimowa aluminum trunk.

Rimowa luggage prices


The cheapest Rimowa luggage starts at $400 and tops out around $600. These offerings typically consist of Rimowa’s carry-on size pieces.


Mid-range Rimowa luggage ranges from $600 to $900. You can expect the choices in this range to be carry-on size or “Check-In” size. Price depends largely on the material. For example, Rimowa pieces made of aluminum cost more than those made of polycarbonate.


The priciest Rimowa pieces cost from $1,000 to $2,900. Most of these pieces are made of aluminum and are quite large. You will find limited edition brand collaborations at the top of this price tier. The cost reflects quality and also exclusivity.

The iconic groove pattern in Rimowa aluminum pieces was inspired by the field of aviation. The grooves that marked the wings and body of the first all-metal aircraft are mimicked by Rimowa’s signature style to this day.



  • When packing shoes, don’t forget to use the space inside the soles. You can fit small accessories and socks inside your shoes when packing for a trip. This maximizes your unused space, which is especially important when packing for a long stay.
  • Go the extra mile to keep your belongings secure during travel. You never know when someone might try to steal the items in your luggage. Consider using a luggage lock with a personal combination to deter thieves.
  • Store your luggage in a cool, dry place. Because Rimowa luggage is so valuable, you’ll want to do everything you can to care for and extend its lifespan. Keep your luggage cool, dry, and out of the sun to protect it from fading and mold growth.
Rimowa occasionally collaborates with other renowned luxury brands. They’ve worked with esteemed names such as Porsche and Christian Dior, releasing limited edition pieces that feature the brand logos.


Q. Does Rimowa luggage come with a lifetime guarantee?

A. Rimowa no longer offers a lifetime guarantee. For luggage pieces registered online, the company now supports a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee. However, this only covers damage or limitations to usability caused by manufacturing, and it must be noticeable upon receipt. It doesn’t cover damage caused by normal wear and tear. If your luggage is cracked or mishandled in transit from the plane to baggage claim, the Rimowa warranty won’t honor this.

Q. If a piece breaks on my Rimowa suitcase, how can I get it repaired?

A. Buyers can reach out to the Rimowa client care team via email at Clientcare.usa@rimowa.com. Alternatively, you can bring your Rimowa luggage to a Rimowa storefront and receive in-person help with repairs. Rimowa also partners with select participating hotels that offer Rimowa luggage repairs in-house.

Q. Is Rimowa luggage heavy?

A. For luggage made with such durable materials, Rimowa luggage pieces are surprisingly light. Of course, the larger the bag, the heavier it will be. But Rimowa pieces are designed for ease of transport. The brand prides itself on balancing durability with usability.